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For All Of Your Moving And Disposal Needs

Our drivers and crews are all experienced, courteous and take full responsibility for the services they provide. All vehicles have tape, blankets and dollies.

If you think you may need extras...
-- a truck with a power lift tailgate.
-- tools to take down furniture or equipment.
-- packers or cleaners.
-- or anything else !
Please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

For all moving and disposal services.

  • $40/hr for 3/4 ton van and driver.
  • $50/hr for 3/4 ton van, 6x6x12 enclosed trailer and driver.
  • $60/hr for 1 ton cube van and driver. (10ft cube van- 10x6x6 space)
  • $70/hr for 3 ton cube van and driver. (15-17ft cube van- 15-17x7.5x7.5)
  • $80/hr for 5 ton cube van and driver. (20-26ft cube van- 20-26x7.5x7.5)
  • Extra helper additional fee of $25/hr.
  • All drivers help with move as well.
  • Fee for gas and travel time that varies depending on distance.
  • Minimum 1 hour fuel/travel fee for all cube vans.

  • Moves
  • Disposal
  • Save Money!

Services What We Do

Moving In Vancouver

We understand that for many people moving is a stressful experience. We do our best to make moving day an easy and hassle-free experience. As well, we pledge to provide careful, friendly, and efficient service on each and every job.

As mentioned, all vehicles come with dollies, blankets, basic tools and tape. There are extra's that need to be specified and will cost more.


If you need crews that are covered with breakage insurance and if items require special attention such as pianos then costs vary quite a bit depending on the job. Prices are determined on a case by case basis.

Cleaning/ Packing

If you need help with cleaning, packing and/or you need packing supplies we can help here as well for quite reasonable rates. All valuable, fragile objects we would ask that the person you trust most-- yourself-- deal with personally.

If we need crews with insurance to do this for you then the rates will be higher depending on the circumstance. The fee is $25/hr plus travel and supply fees for basic cleaning and packing duties. Deep cleans by more experienced workers have a base rate of $30/hr.

Packing Supplies: Prices vary depending on what is needed.



Pressure Washing


$10 machine rental

General Yardwork


$5 extra for lawnmower or weedeater



Disposal in Vancouver

We have vehicles dedicated to just disposal for those loads that aren't clean. Be sure to be clear on what it is that needs to be removed. It may be helpful to review the transfer station regulations and fees so you understand what needs to be separated and where the locations are.


For disposal we charge you based on the kind of vehicle you need, how many people you require, what it will cost to dispose of at the transfer station, how long the job will take and how far we need to travel.

We need to factor in traffic and how long the lineups are at the transfer station. This means that rush hour times will cost you more money.

We can give you general estimates over the phone however our crew leader/driver will give the final price in person if the disposal involves more then a few small items. We bill out at blanket fee of $155/ton for all kinds of material to be sure we don't lose money when we pay at the transfer station. All costs will be gone over and explained before the job starts. If you are not sure on weight and this concerns you you can come help the crew unload to be sure. We always strive to put in a good effort and to be fair to every customer.

For example. A 1 bedroom with elevator may take 2 hours to load into a 1 ton with 2 people. Based on where you are located we may charge a $55 travel/gas fee. It may be another 45 minutes to get to the transfer station and unload. You would be billed 2.75 hours at $70/hr for labor- $55 for travel- and $155 for the estimated weight.

If you don't have much stuff- a 3 seater couch for instance- and you are not far from a transfer station you might be expected to pay $25 for weight, $40 for time and $20 for travel/fuel.

If we think we can donate or recycle some goods then we will. However we always bill by weight for disposal of these items to be sure that our costs will be covered. Clean metal by itself is free to dispose of and we do not charge weight for this.

Single Item Disposal

If you only have a single item - couch, mattress, washer, dryer, refrigerator etc... and you can help us remove than prices start at $65 for disposal.

Mattress Disposal

The transfer station charges $20 a piece for a box spring or mattress to recycle. Please see http://vancouver.ca/home-property-development/how-to-dispose-of-mattresses.aspx for more details.



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