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For all moving and disposal services our rates start at:

Note: All drivers help with move as well.

Fee for gas and travel time that varies depending on distance.

Size of Vehicle You Will Need

For small moves and deliveries, we use a 3/4 ton van that has a 5’x5’x9′ backspace with 4’x4′ back doors. This is good for queen-size beds as long as they are not too thick- the thick queens may get damaged from bending them thru the doors.

For moves up to a standard two-bedroom condo we use a one-ton cube van that is about 16’x7’x7′. Its height is a bit under 10′. Some buildings can’t fit larger vehicles in which case the 3/4 ton or the one ton can be used as a shuttle service to get loads out to a waiting larger vehicle. As well- if the distance between the pickup and drop-off points isn’t that much then the time lost doing turnarounds won’t be much and being more maneuverable may be an advantage if access is difficult.

For large two-bedroom or three-bedroom houses and condos we often use a three-ton cube van that is 18’x8.5’x8′ that comes with either a ramp or if needed a power lift for heavy items such as pianos.

For large three-bedroom and four-bedroom condos or houses, we use a five-ton cube van that is about 24’x8.5’x8′ that may come with a ramp or with a power lift as needed.

In Vancouver, space and parking can be limited. Sometimes there is no loading zone and a special parking permit will need to be purchased from the city to reserve a space. When there is limited space multiple vehicles can be staggered to make use off elevator time and time available to use the loading zone. Packing expensive items may take some time and it could be that a packing crew should be called in the day ahead so that vehicle, elevator and loading zone times are not wasted. If there are elevators – time slots must be booked well in advance. Your concierge will let you know what size vehicle is possible and where the loading zone is for your move.

Generally speaking the concierge or building manager will let you know exactly what is needed to have a straightforward move. If we have to park illegally to get a move done or to get it done faster the client must give the movers permission to do so and agree to pay the fine if there is one. If change or credit card parking is needed to park the trucks and personal vehicles the client is responsible for this and must be ready to pay for this.

If you have doubts that you will be ready for your move and time is a limiting factor the easiest thing to do is to call in one of our packing crews. This will make move day go much smoother as we will have eyes on what needs to be done before the trucks show up. This way we can properly advise you on how best to deal properly with your specific needs. That extra truck and pair of hands may make all the difference when scheduling is tight.

Extra movers are at $35 an hour plus a travel fee that is generally one hour unless the distances we have to go to make the move is longer than standard. If the seats are full in the trucks then another vehicle must be used and there will be an extra fee for this as well that varies by what type of vehicle or truck we need to bring.

There is a 5% GST charge and if you need to pay with a credit card thru the website there is a 2% Paypal fee as well.

Small amounts of shrink wrap and tape won’t be charged. All vehicles come with dollies, blankets and a few plastic totes which are supplied at no charge. We also bring a standard kit of packing material for which there is list pricing under the materials section of this website.

Breaks will not be charged. As moving is physical work and crews may work long days and weeks pushing thru fatigue and hunger may cause problems and breakage. I encourage my movers to take breaks when they need them and then the time will be tallied at the end of the move and taken off the final bill.

For disposal we charge you based on the kind of vehicle you need, how many people you require, what it will cost to dispose of at the transfer station, how long the job will take and how far we need to travel.

We need to factor in traffic and how long the lineups are at the transfer station. This means that rush hour times will cost you more money.

We can give you general estimates over the phone however our crew leader/driver will give the final price in person if the disposal involves more then a few small items. We bill out at blanket fee of $155/ton for all kinds of material to be sure we don’t lose money when we pay at the transfer station. All costs will be gone over and explained before the job starts. If you are not sure on weight and this concerns you you can come help the crew unload to be sure. We always strive to put in a good effort and to be fair to every customer.

For example. A 1 bedroom with elevator may take 2 hours to load into a 1 ton with 2 people. Based on where you are located we may charge a $55 travel/gas fee. It may be another 45 minutes to get to the transfer station and unload. You would be billed 2.75 hours at $70/hr for labor- $55 for travel- and $155 for the estimated weight.

If you don’t have much stuff- a 3 seater couch for instance- and you are not far from a transfer station you might be expected to pay $25 for weight, $40 for time and $20 for travel/fuel.

If we think we can donate or recycle some goods then we will. However we always bill by weight for disposal of these items to be sure that our costs will be covered. Clean metal by itself is free to dispose of and we do not charge weight for this.

Breakage And Transportation Insurance

Issues Moving Used Furniture

Moving used items has its set of issues and problems. Please let the movers know what needs special care in moving before they start the move. If an item is damaged at any point or you know of a particular weakness an item has the movers must be informed so they have the best chance of moving your item safely.

Certain items can’t be moved safely without special protection and they will not be warrantied if the homeowner opts to forgo protection.

Certain high-value items and artwork need to be crated if they are too big and delicate to be effectively blanket wrapped or boxed.

As well…
Flat-screen TV’s need to be put into TV boxes.
Pictures and flat glass must be bubble and blanket wrapped and put into picture boxes.

Lampshades and other delicates must be padded and boxed.

Pressed wood products like IKEA are notorious for only coming together properly once. Moving, taking them apart, putting them together the second time may cause damage. IKEA provides handymen that are used to their products and they will have the best chance of making sure your product can be re-used. Our movers will do what you ask but we will not take liability for damage.

As well, not all items can safely go where you want them. The movers will let you know if trying to get an item where you want it is risky and you will have to assume liability if you decide that you want them to do it regardless.

The simplest way to avoid this problem is to take measurements yourself and be sure that what you want makes sense before you start your move.

When An Item Gets Damaged

If an item can be fixed by a trip to one of our wood or glass workers we will always give you this option.

Standard coverage is set by the Motor Carrier Act and will cover your goods to a maximum of 60 cents per pound per article. For example, a 30-pound flat-screen TV whose screen has been cracked during the move would pay out 30 pounds x.6 $’s per pound = $18

We do have an Extra Value Protection option. For an extra $100 for up to 5000 pounds- about a full load of standard furniture for an 18-20 foot cube van. It costs $100 for every 5000 pounds after this. This is for real damage to an item that has value. For example, a 30-pound flat-screen TV whose screen has been cracked during the move would pay out 30 pounds x 10 $’s per pound = $300.

If you have items of exceptional value where the extra value protection option isn’t enough you must let us know so we know how to package your items properly and offer you full value insurance at $200 per 5000 pound load. For example- a 3000 pound load of fine furniture will be charged at $200 and we will cover the actual costs of any repair or pay out a settlement based on actual value of the item.

All exceptional value items must be noted before the move starts and discussed with the dispatcher so he knows how to prepare the crew.

See Our Insurance

Please click here to see our Certificate of Insurance. Should you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit the Tips section.

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