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Moving In Vancouver

We understand that for many people moving is a stressful experience. We do our best to make moving day an easy and hassle-free experience. As well, we pledge to provide careful, friendly, and efficient service on each and every job.

Insurance Services

Moving Insurance in BC

Moving In Vancouver is covered by $5 000 000 commercial general liability insurance as well as commercial vehicle insurance, which is a minimum of $5 000 000 for any cube van. There is also up to $ 25 000 cargo insurance for any damage to a load. There is a deductible and cost for insurance, so there will be an extra charge to access higher levels of coverage.

Breakage And Transportation Insurance

Issues Moving Used Furniture

Moving used items has its set of issues and problems. Please let the movers know what needs special care in moving before they start the move. If an item is damaged at any point or you know of a particular weakness an item has the movers must be informed so they have the best chance of moving your item safely.

Certain items can't be moved safely without special protection and they will not be warrantied if the homeowner opts to forgo protection.

Certain high-value items and artwork need to be crated if they are too big and delicate to be effectively blanket wrapped or boxed.

As well...
Flat-screen TV's need to be put into TV boxes.
Pictures and flat glass must be bubble and blanket wrapped and put into picture boxes.

Lampshades and other delicates must be padded and boxed.

Pressed wood products like IKEA are notorious for only coming together properly once. Moving, taking them apart, putting them together the second time may cause damage. IKEA provides handymen that are used to their products and they will have the best chance of making sure your product can be re-used. Our movers will do what you ask but we will not take liability for damage.

As well, not all items can safely go where you want them. The movers will let you know if trying to get an item where you want it is risky and you will have to assume liability if you decide that you want them to do it regardless.

The simplest way to avoid this problem is to take measurements yourself and be sure that what you want makes sense before you start your move.

When An Item Gets Damaged

If an item can be fixed by a trip to one of our wood or glass workers we will always give you this option.

Standard coverage is set by the Motor Carrier Act and will cover your goods to a maximum of 60 cents per pound per article. For example, a 30-pound flat-screen TV whose screen has been cracked during the move would pay out 30 pounds x.6 $'s per pound = $18

We do have an Extra Value Protection option. For an extra $100 for up to 5000 pounds- about a full load of standard furniture for an 18-20 foot cube van. It costs $100 for every 5000 pounds after this. This is for real damage to an item that has value. For example, a 30-pound flat-screen TV whose screen has been cracked during the move would pay out 30 pounds x 10 $’s per pound = $300.

If you have items of exceptional value where the extra value protection option isn't enough you must let us know so we know how to package your items properly and offer you full value insurance at $200 per 5000 pound load. For example- a 3000 pound load of fine furniture will be charged at $200 and we will cover the actual costs of any repair or pay out a settlement based on actual value of the item.

All exceptional value items must be noted before the move starts and discussed with the dispatcher so he knows how to prepare the crew.

See Our Insurance

Please click here to see our Certificate of Insurance. Should you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us or visit the Tips section.

Moving Extra’s You May Consider

Some people want a quick, no frills move to save time and money. If the furniture isn’t too expensive then blanket wrapping in the truck is the fastest way to do a move. Nicer furniture may need to be blanket and shrink wrapped in the home. Furniture you don’t want any dirt on at all you may want to use special furniture bags rather than just shrink wrap. These extra’s take time and materials but may be the best decision if your furniture deserves special care.

A quick way to do a move is to have your movers deliver your items to a main accessible point and then the homeowner will deal with everything from there. Room stickers and colour coding and marking on boxes with markers can also be used to help you movers deliver all the items to their appropriate rooms. The movers can also do all your unpacking and setup if you like.

If the home is nice and the carpets are clean than you may wish to have the movers lay down blankets to set up a staging area and shoes can be taken off inside the home. Another option is to use neoprene floor runners. The fastest way is to ask the movers to brush off their shoes and do a clean afterwards.

The movers will have a general understanding of what should be done based on the condition of the items and the home. The most important part of the equation though is that you the client tell the movers what you want so you have the moving experience you wish to have.

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