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Moving In Vancouver

We understand that for many people moving is a stressful experience. We do our best to make moving day an easy and hassle-free experience. As well, we pledge to provide careful, friendly, and efficient service on each and every job.

Long-Distance Moves

Moving Services Within Canada

Travelling within Canada by road has its own set of problems that come with the time of year and weather. Spring to late Fall is always a better way to do a long-distance move if you have a choice.

For shorter long-distance moves to places like the neighbouring Islands, personalized service with only your load on the truck is often the simpler way to do the move.

There is wear that comes with kilometres on the vehicle. For long-distance moves, there is a $4/km fee for fuel/travel for the larger cubes with power lift, a $3/km fee for the 16′ cube van and $2/km for the 3/4 ton van.
There is a listed straight-time fee from arrival to finish plus the other usual costs.

Sample pricing for a 3 bedroom condo from Vancouver to Kelowna may be…

  • $1600 gas/travel fee for 400 km at $4 per km.
  • $120/hr from arrival to finish. Possibly 12-14 hours in total.
  • Packing material fee’s with 12% PST and GST.
  • Possibly a $100 storage fee for leaving items in truck over night.
  • Hotel fee of $120 or so for the movers to stay overnight.
  • GST of 5% on labour.

Moving Extra’s You May Consider

Some people want a quick, no frills move to save time and money. If the furniture isn’t too expensive then blanket wrapping in the truck is the fastest way to do a move. Nicer furniture may need to be blanket and shrink wrapped in the home. Furniture you don’t want any dirt on at all you may want to use special furniture bags rather than just shrink wrap. These extra’s take time and materials but may be the best decision if your furniture deserves special care.

A quick way to do a move is to have your movers deliver your items to a main accessible point and then the homeowner will deal with everything from there. Room stickers and colour coding and marking on boxes with markers can also be used to help you movers deliver all the items to their appropriate rooms. The movers can also do all your unpacking and setup if you like.

If the home is nice and the carpets are clean than you may wish to have the movers lay down blankets to set up a staging area and shoes can be taken off inside the home. Another option is to use neoprene floor runners. The fastest way is to ask the movers to brush off their shoes and do a clean afterwards.

The movers will have a general understanding of what should be done based on the condition of the items and the home. The most important part of the equation though is that you the client tell the movers what you want so you have the moving experience you wish to have.

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