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Reading thru and printing out the MOVING CHECKLIST is a good place to start to plan for any move. Reading thru the INSURANCE is useful to put your mind at ease if you have high-value items that may need extra protection. The MOVING DAY CONTRACT, MATERIALS LIST, and BILL SHEET you may want to print out and look thru so that there are no surprises and you know best how to direct your movers, so you get the kind of move that you want. The movers will bring these sheets with them and go thru them with you before they start the move. They will directly ask you how you want your move done, so if you are familiar with the costs and your options, that are best for everyone.

Have a great move!

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  • Moving Checklist

  • Insurance

  • Moving Day Contract

  • Materials List

  • Bill Sheet


    Every job will need at least some materials. Please look at the kinds of items you have and decide if they should have extra protection so there won’t be any marks and it will be warranted. For example, valuable paintings, mirrors, TVs etc… should always be boxed. Beds always need to have mattress covers. Kitchen packs need paper packs and ample boxes.

    When you have a good idea of what the movers should bring, let us know so we will be properly prepared for your move.

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