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Please click here to see our MOVING DAY BILL SHEET.

When the truck pulls into the location is where the time starts for the move. Sometimes allowed parking takes extra time to arrange. We are on the clock for this period, so please make sure parking is taken care of before the movers arrive. The truck has to be cleaned out and put into a state where it is ready for the next move. Once this is done, and the truck is ready to leave is the time that is used for stopping the clock for payment. Some time will be added to the bill to account for actual leave time.

The movers will ask you how you will be paying at the start of the move. Please don’t be offended by the questions- the reality of moving is that not all customers will want to pay on completion, so we have to be sure that we are covered.

If you will be paying by credit card, an extra 2% will be added to cover the pay-pal fee.

We don’t like e-transfers because they can take an hour to go thru. Repeat clients can ask to use e-transfers ahead of time, but otherwise, please keep payments to cash or to credit card with a picture ID verifying the name on the card. Businesses can be cleared for payment at a later date, but for all other customers, we take payment on completion of the move.


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